Jun 30, 2016

Bubbles Photographs at Kalanand Exhibition 2016

Venue: Nehru Centre Art Gallery; Worli, Mumbai
Dates: 30 March to 04 April; 2016

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Bubbles Exhibition at Kala Godha Arts Festival 2016

Bubbles Photographs at Kala Godha Arts Festival 2016

This was the first public display of the unique bubbles photography and it received rare reviews and awes from Mumbai crowds.

Venue: Kala Godha; Fort - Mumbai
Dates: 06 to 14 February; 2016

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Post for Kala Godha Arts Festival 2016
Post for Kala Godha Arts Festival 2016

Bubbles Exhibition At Piramal Art Gallery-NCPA


 Bubbles Photography Exhibition at Piramal Art Gallery; NCPA

Solo Photography Exhibition by Pashminu Mansukhani


Venue: Piramal Art Gallery; NCPA. Nariman Point, Mumbai 


Exhibition Dates: 10th to 19th June; 2016


Exhibition Videos:

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Jun 25, 2016

How to Make A Photography Exhibition Successful - In Simple 5 Steps

Holding a solo photography exhibition at an art gallery is always an emotional and proud feeling for most artists, even those who have held previous solo exhibitions. I am no exception; when I held my first solo photography exhibition of bubbles at Piramal Art Gallery; situated at National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) from 10th to 19 June; 2016.

Yes, each and  every exhibition is special and unique.

Why? There is change of location, audience and the art works on display.

All artists are evolving and offer new sets / series of their art works at an exhibition.
Being my first solo exhibition, there was always lots to be learnt and shared with the visitors.

Here are the 5 things, that I learnt from holding the solo exhibition featuring 30 photographs of bubbles:

1. Going solo is a double edged sword:

Organising an exhibition as an  individual is a daunting task.

The gallery is booked typically, 3-4 months in advance if not more.

Displaying the art works requires: selecting the photographs, printing, framing & mounting.

Another consideration is the space allotted for the exhibition. Careful planning before-hand allows an artist to organise the number of prints according to the size of the walls / panels.

Displaying the exhibition as a solo artist, means that all the expenses from booking of the gallery to transportation has to be borne by him/her. But the upside is that: It is a SOLO exhibition, where all the credit goes to be artist and so does all the flak!

It is all more important to make a check list of the items required for the exhibition and tick them off, while setting up the gallery.

The typical item list would:

a. Photographs
b. String for hanging the frames
c. Cutter
d. Pair of scissors
e. Visitor Book
f. Pamphlets
g. Standee displays
h. Business Cards
i. Certificates etc.
k. Stationery
l. Packing material to pack the frames post exhibition.

Having a group exhibition takes away care of most issues, as you can pool in resources to manage various aspects of the exhibition.

2. Location makes a big difference

The location / place of the exhibition gallery can make or break it!

A popular gallery will have natural footfalls and inherent popularity; that attracts visitors and media.

Having to display in a gallery that is not so well know, can create a huge amount of strain on the  artist; as the onus of promoting the exhibition falls squarely on the artist's shoulders.

Always select a gallery that has natural footfalls and good location; even if you have to wait for a considerable period of time; which maybe 6-12 months!

3. Marketing & networking

On-line and Off-line marketing have direct impact on the selected online people who may come there and express their reviews.

Online, an exhibition can be promoted via. Facebook profile & Facebook page. There is paid Facebook campaigns, that may help you in generating more page views & page 'Likes'.

On Facebook and other social media platforms; post regularly, about your exhibition, with details, photographs, venue address and a custom designed invite!

Facebook Page Header Image
Facebook Page Header Image

Use the same strategy for sending invites to selected number of your friends, associates and family members using WhatsApp. An easy method to implement is with Web version of WhatsApp, that allows you to drag and drop the invites to individuals and groups.

Do not underestimate your own network of friends, relatives, office colleagues  & business associates.

Spread the word about the exhibition well in advance and remind them via. Calls / SMS / WhatsApp a day before the commencement of your exhibition.

Organise an opening ceremony and try to get the inauguration of your exhibition by a local celebrity.
WhatsApp Exhibition Invite


4. Display work

Display only best of the your photographs.

Take care to avoid any repetition and arrange the photographs such that the visitors are interested in the exhibits.

Put you name tag along with details about the photograph; stick it behind the frame with a double sided tape.

The size of print (photograph), mount & frame all are important.

As rule of thumb: keep the mount width twice the width of frame.

For my exhibition, I had a 4 inches mount width  and 2 inch black frame.

Video of Bubbles Exhibition:  

5. Visitor Interaction:

Engage the visitors in lively talk and walk around the gallery with them, explaining your thoughts on each photograph and why you as an artist find it interesting and in first place, why did you capture that shot.

Business Card for Exhibition
Business Card for Exhibition

Exhibition Business Card with website and Facebook Links
Exhibition Business Card with website and Facebook Links

Keep handy your business cards, that should have your contact details along with website and Facebook page URLs mentioned clearly.

Having a visitor book, help you in two ways: get their feedback and collect a database of email addresses, so that you can reach out to them for your next exhibition.

Try to arrange for a camera on tripod and mounted with flash unit and remote trigger, so that you can capture photographs of the visitors (after taking their permission) along with you as well as browsing in the gallery.

Reach out to your visitors, by sending friend request on Facebook and connecting with them in future.

Example Video of  Visitors at my exhibition:


All in all, it takes discipline and some preparations to get interesting visitors to your exhibition and make it grand success.

Good luck & thank you for reading this blog post.

Jun 24, 2016

Unique Bubbles Photography Exhibition - NCPA - Piramal Art Gallery

Unique Bubbles Photography Exhibition - NCPA - Piramal Art Gallery

10 Days Solo Exhibition of bubbles by Pashminu Mansukhani


Video #1:  Behind The Scene & Opening



Video #2:  Exhibition Visitors